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Practising head angles by Chickadee-chii Practising head angles by Chickadee-chii
Will be scrapping this later~
So I figured my head/face proportions are always pretty bad and so I looked up a mixture of tutorials, not just on dA but all over the web and came up with these sketches..

They look more proportional than usual, but I'm not really sure, if anyone could give me some tips on where I've gone wrong on them and how to improve I'd be grateful^^

I'm aware that the kissing one isn't great, but that's the one I did without a reference or tutorial to see if I'd learned anything from the two previous sketches ^^;
First Critique I've ever wrote.
First Head Angle: It's probably the best one here, although the smaller eye needs to be moved down a bit and it's angle is wrong. The hair needs a focus point so that it flows naturally. Add more shape to the ear, it's slightly squished/flat. Last of all you need to give the neck more of a shape, it is it's own part after all!
Second Head Angel: The neck once again needs more shape as it looks like it's apart of the head, it is connected, but it's not the same part. The chin should be rounded not flat. You need to define the lips, and the nose needs to be a bit higher up.
Third and Fourth Angles: Firstly, take the same advice from the other head angles (necks, chins, ears, hair etc.) however the male having a slightly less rounded chin than the female would be appropriate. Secondly. The eyes are too high up, meaning that the eyebrows are too. You also should round off the top of the heads, it looks like you've drawn the circles but then chosen to ignore them. The lips, should show that they want to kiss each other and not like they are being forced to do it, in order to fix that you need to give the heads a better angle, as in most cases the male is taller than the female and if you look at the guy in particular, he isn't craning his neck when he should be, think about where his body would be leading from the head, does the angle of his head fit in with his posture? --Same for the female.
Hope this helps! :)
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December 29, 2012
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